Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Princess for a 1/2 day!

Chris Vincent brought along his two children, Jake and Grace to do some fishing. It was a very windy day with lots of sunshine and smiling faces. The day started out as a day of fishing in tough conditions and it turned into a day of catching in tough conditions. It seems as though when family comes on board my boat, there is a bet made. This time it was for the biggest fish and the prize was king, prince or princess for a half day. Meaning the winner would be waited on hand and foot by the losers. I always try to warn the boys and men, do not bet against the girl. This time it was the same as all the others, the girl won. The fish were not cooperating in the very beginning but after a few drifts over grass we found the fish waded up on the edges of deep water drop offs. All anglers caught a variety of Sea Trout, Ladyfish, Mackerel and Pompano. Grace was the only angler to catch all four species. The newly crowned “Princess” Grace got to be served by her Dad and brother for the next morning. I would have liked to have seen that! At one point, we literally had to take a time-out because we kept catching too many fish and we (Captain Sam) needed a break.


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