Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fishing Report March 9, 2010

Capt. Sam Arcure of Team Arcure Fishing fished Jim Ewers and his son Jeremy in the flats of Estero Bay. The two had a father and son contest going for the first fish, biggest fish and the most fish. What started out as a friendly family wager turned into a full blown ‘bragging rights’ competition. Son Jeremy caught the first fish while his dad caught the biggest fish. The only category left was the most fish. Jeremy held onto the lead until the last fish of the day when his dad tied it all at 14 fish each. The two were happy because neither one lost any money. Jim felt that he should have bet on the most variety and his son felt that his dad should have been penalized for catching pelicans. Of course his dad disagreed and felt that they should have been counted since Capt. Sam touched the leader. Oh well, maybe next time the rules will be written down beforehand and it won't end in with such a controversy.


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